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PAR Powder Coating

Acquired in 2012, Par Powder has been an ever growing part of our business. The unit is set up to provide customers a high quality finish at a reasonable cost. With access to a large selection of suppliers and great working knowledge from the shop floor, we're able to powder coat to almost any colour/finish that is required.

Our powder coating plant features:

  • 10,000 sq ft factory based out of Blakelands, Milton Keynes (5 minutes from Junction 14 M1)

  • 112 metres of flight bars

  • Working envelope of 800mm Wide x 2000mm High x 3500mm Long

  • 3 Stage pre-treatment processes which uses a water based cleaners containing no harmful solvents or metals, completely chromium free which greatly enhances the corrosion protection and adhesion of the chosen coating finish

  • 3 tank system which incorporates a reverse osmosis/demineralisation process to further improve the bonding and corrosion protection of the powder coating finish

  • Nordson spraying booth with dual spraying capability

  • Nordson Encore spray guns

  • Energy efficient ovens using recycled power from within the plant through re distribution of heat

  • Comprehensive range of RAL and BS colours in stock and specialist finishes can be achieved including metallic, textured, leatherette and antique

Previous Work:

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