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Our skilled workforce are able to operate a vast array of machinery and tooling with all welding, cutting, bushing, drilling and linishing done in our workshop. Common parts we produce include desking, bracketry, furninture components, automotive parts, power modules, AV panels and mounts, adapters and much more.


C.N.C Punching

Our Amada Europe 258 is a twin axis machine capable of punching 3mm thick mild steel and aluminium and 2mm thick stainless steel.  Our maximum sheet capacity is 2500x1250.


C.N.C Folding

The Amada HFE 80-25 is a 7 axis machine capable of folding components of up to 2.5m long.  We have a variety of tooling which allows us to fold mild steel, stainless and aluminium up to 6mm thick.


C.N.C Milling

The Bridgeport VMC 760 is a 3 axis machine with a 800mm capacity in the X-axis and a 400mm capacity in the Y and Z axis.


C.N.C Turning

The Index G42 with Siemens control has a 42mm through spindle, capable of feeding bars up to 3m in length.  It is also equipped with a 180mm chuck with driven tooling.

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