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PAR Engineering is proud to be the UK agent for Kesseböhmer Ergonomietechnik, manufacturer of leading class components for height adjustable furniture.


Kesseböhmer have decades of experience producing high quality parts for office furniture. Using strict manufacturing methods combined with rigorous testing, you can be guaranteed a unit that will serve well against the test of time.


The products that we supply constantly evolve with the latest emerging research in ergonomic technology, which is making leaps and bounds to improve the level of health of employees in office environments.


The health benefits of sit/stand desks are becoming ever more recognised. To stay seated throughout an entire day is bad news for the body as it affects the chemical balance responsible for metabolism and leaves your back and muscles unused for too long. This can lead to complications later in life such as RSI, back pains, diabetes, thrombosis, cardio vascular issues and clots. Over the years many manufacturers have tried to combat these risks by developing ergonomic chairs, but many leading researchers are realising that the only way to truly fight it is to stand throughout your day.

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